The ICAN training program was created to work alongside Employment Partners as additional training for those participants who have learned the vocational skills needed to complete job tasks, but need additional training to learn how to be good employees. The ICAN training program is a short-term, intensive, professional training program geared towards teaching job readiness skills for people entering the workforce or returning to the workforce. It consists of four, week-long modules that can be taken in any order. Admission is rolling, meaning that an individual can start the program at any module and complete the remaining modules in the subsequent order, or can complete specific modules based on individual need. In each module, specific skills are taught in accordance with the individual’s job readiness and personal management skills, with the overall goal of job attainment and maintenance. Training is composed of lessons with an instructor, group discussions, and individual and group activities. 

ICAN Modules

Module I:
Interpersonal Skills and Life Management Skills

  • Focuses on  identifying personal strengths and weakness
  • Financial management
  • Reinforces positive life skills
  • Developing a personal resources map

Module C: 
Communication Skills

  • How communicate effectively in the work place
  • Conflict resolution
  • Reading and Writing essentials based on different contexts
  • How to receive feedback and respond constructively

Module A:
Attaining Workforce Skills

  • General preparation for the workforce
  • Interview preparation and resume writing
  • Developing a good work ethic
  • Creating positive self-image for employers

Module N:
Necessary Skills for
Decision-Making and Customer Service

  • Setting and achieving relevant goals
  • Workplace etiquette
  • Exercising sound judgment
  • Developing and maintaining a commitment to employment